How do I have VB find and replace a string? 
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 How do I have VB find and replace a string?

Try this routine. I wrote it in VB5, but it should work in 4.0 with no
problems. It returns the number of replacements made in the string.

Public Function FindReplace(ByVal Text As String, ByVal Find As String,
ByVal ReplaceWith As String, RetString As String) As Integer

On Error Resume Next

Dim Offset As Integer, Offset2 As Integer
Dim NumFound As Integer
Dim Lg As Integer
Dim Str1 As String, Str2 As String

If Trim$(Text) = "" Then Exit Function

Lg = Len(Find)
NumFound = 0
RetString = ""

 Offset = InStr(1, Text, Find, vbTextCompare)
 If Offset = 0 Then Exit Do
 NumFound = NumFound + 1
 Str1 = Left$(Text, Offset - 1)
 Offset2 = InStr(Offset + Lg, Text, Find, vbTextCompare)
 If Offset2 = 0 Then
  Str2 = Mid$(Text, Offset + Lg)
  RetString = RetString & Str1 & ReplaceWith & Str2
  Exit Do
  Str2 = Mid$(Text, Offset + Lg, Offset2 - Offset - Lg)
  RetString = RetString & Str1 & ReplaceWith & Str2
 End If
 Text = Mid$(Text, Offset2)

FindReplace = NumFound

End Function

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>I have a small question.  I am using Visual Basic 4.0 to write programs,
and I
>was wondering how I could have visual basic search a string for a certain
>word, and replace it with a different word every time it found it in the
>string.  For example:

>I want to have the string to be:
>"This is a test because I am testing the program!! =)"

>and I want VB to replace the word "test" with "experiment" so it would

>"This is a experiment because I am experimenting the program!"

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