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 HELP access & vba

I have been trying to program a dialog with access & the operator. It is
not obvious how to write the code in vb. My latest try used a control
button & i got to the code ok BUT then lots of errors. The code was
something like:

docmd.opentable("sheet1")     ' table i wanted to search
docmd.gotocontrol([mem#])               ' mem# is the field name i wanted to search
docmd.findrecord(177, ... )     ' member number 177 was what i was hoping to
find BUT

docmd.gotocontrol errors out commenting about object doesnt support
property (as i remember)

commented out the gotocontrol & got the same error on the find record

I have been reading the book "using access 97" but have been unable to
get any uaable code written. Any help or starting code would be
appreciated. TIA

In Christs matchless name
73 ted

Mon, 26 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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