Help with rowsource and event?? 
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 Help with rowsource and event??

What I am trying to do is to jog users who have forgotten to enter data in
controls on the form. This would normally be easy to do using the
beforeupdate or afterupdate event. However, it this case it doesn't work.
The problem seems to be that I have a combobox on the form that needs to be
refreshed (not requeried). The rowsource is based on a query with a where
statement that is based on controls on the form.  The rowsource query looks
like this:

SELECT [Axis I].AxisICodeID, [Axis I].AxisICode, [Axis I].AxisIDescription
FROM Clients RIGHT JOIN [Axis I] ON Clients.NameID = [Axis I].lookupclient
WHERE ((([Axis I].AxisICode)<>"799.9") AND (([AxisICode] & "   " &
[axisidescription]) Like [Forms]![Quarterly]![axis1a] Or ([AxisICode] & "
" & [axisidescription])=[forms]![quarterly]![axis1b] Or ([AxisICode] & "   "
& [axisidescription])=[forms]![quarterly]![axis1c] Or ([AxisICode] & "   " &
[axisidescription])=[forms]![quarterly]![axis2] Or ([AxisICode] & "   " &

Since the combobox is based on controls on the form (axis1a,axis1b, etc), I
need to refresh thisto get the correct data. When I do this it triggers the
beforeupdate and
afterupdate events. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.
Alan Schwartz

Thu, 09 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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