.Undo, .Edit, .Update, .AddNew Inconsistencies - freaking out! 
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 .Undo, .Edit, .Update, .AddNew Inconsistencies - freaking out!

For some reason I am experience anomalies with VB that should not be

I have a Class Module that controls all of the enabling, disabling, locking
and button clicks of a form

All of the buttons are used for Save, AddNew, Edit, Undo, Delete, etc.

When I invoke the .Update, or .Undo methods and then immediately hit the
AddNew button (.AddNew method), the screen should change to a whole bunch of
blank text boxes, etc.   Instead it's as if it goes into Edit Mode on
whatever record was the previous record to the one that had the bookmark
when the AddNew Button was pressed.

On top of this my button array does not update properly so all of my
enabling and disabling is screwed up, which doesn't make sense because the
array's state is hardcoded based on the EditMode of the system - which says
that it is in 'dbEditAdd' mode.

If I then invoke a .Move method and then hit AddNew, everything works fine.

In summary, the AddNew method invoked directly after a .Undo or .Update
method does not function properly.

This identical Class Module worked fine in two other projects.
Additionally, I have stepped through every bit of code before and after the
invocation of all these methods and the anomaly occurs immediately after and
before any other code is executed.



Kurt Miller
RDMA Development Team
RDM Associates
(800) 427-5097

Sun, 12 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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