VB5 problem: Too many local, nonstatic variables 
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 VB5 problem: Too many local, nonstatic variables

Hi there,

After converting a VB 3 project to VB 5 and changing several 16-bit calls
to 32-bit calls a real annoying problem occured and was not solvable with
the given help information. The project contains straight VB forms and
modules with 3 simple custom controls.

I think the trickiest elements of it are the rather large data structures
(largest of them is 22 kB, globally defined), the number of different data
elements in that structure (somewhere around 400 items with average name
length of about 12 characters) and there are some fixed string elements in
it, which could be a problem with ASCII / UNICODE. This largest data
structure is being used for input and output to a 32-bit DLL, which uses 2
byte alignment. I tried several trim-down situations, but with no effect.

This project did run without any problem on VB 3, but with VB 5 I can't
compile it anymore. I thought the memory capacity of VB 5 would be more,
not less. The mentioned error "Too many local, nonstatic variables" occurs
with the given large data structure highlighted. But the help information
suggests only to change local nonstatic variables to static ones. Since the
large data structure itself is global (public) defined and there are just a
few local nonstatic variables (about 10), I can't understand what to

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

Wed, 05 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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