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 Ann: dhRichClient3-Toolset

before entering "Widget-Mode" again, first the
needed release of the "infrastructure"-Binary,
everything depends on...;-)

The new version-3 is now "feature-complete" (whatever
that is <g>), BinComp is on - and should remain so
for a long(er) time to come.

Version3 is (although BinComp with the previous
version is broken) calling-compatible at the class-
level nonetheless.
So, an update of already existing "RichClient-Code"
should be doable with just the new project-reference,
which is now 'dhRichClient3' instead of 'dhRichClient'.

So this Version is usable in parallel to the older one -
therefore the two "main-dlls" have got new names:
dhRichClient3.dll   (former version was dhRichClient.dll)
sqlite36_engine.dll (former version sqlite35_engine.dll)
DirectCOM.dll got no changes and remains further
available "as is" within this 3-Dll-package.

The most attractive new feature (compared with the
older Version 2.3) is probably the new, pipe-based
threading-support, but also the SQLite-WrapperClasses
got some enhancements - the new sqlite-engine (3.6.11)
now supports Nested-Transactions per so-called
"Named-SavePoints", which are reflected within the
Methods over appropriate Optional Parameters.
With cSelectCommand there's a new CommandObject
for the "Read-Direction" - and both Command-
Object-Types now support Command-Persistence
within the DB.

The new cCollection-Class is calling-compatible to the
VB-Collection and works with much better performance.
The GDI-Classes (cDC and cDIB) were enhanced
about a new one (cDDB) and got some additional
methods (new within cDIB is for example (Alpha-)
Icon-Loading also from ByteArray-Streams or Icon-
resource-streams - including the correct DC-rendering)
and general AlphaBlending-support was enhanced
in cDIB as well as in cDDB.

A lot of finetuning, especially in the overhauled Variant-
Parameter-serializer, which is now also used by the
new pipe-based threading-approach and not only by
the (socketbased) "DCOM-Replacement" which is
available too over the RPC-Classes.
Recordset-Selects were also tuned (by ca. 10%) -
and then of course BugFixes - for example in the
SQLite-DB-encryption-routines - but also for the
"SQL-Select-internal" VB-FunctionSet, as e.g. for
Instr() but Format$() as well, which had problems
with certain parameters and sometimes with too
small defined string-buffers - cSortedDictionary
does not "choke" anymore, when  vbNullStrings are
passed as a "Key" - incorrect (local) Sorts within
SQLite-Recordsets during nested Sorts with column-
depths>3, ...that kind of bugs...

Please "read the ReadMes" - the setup of the toolset on
your dev-machines should nonetheless be a bit more easy.
For the new Demos I'll also try to keep everything simpler
(each Demo-Folder should now work "in itself", so these
a bit "overly complex" folder-structures, crossreferencing
each other, will be avoided in the new Demos).

Currently there's just one single Demo contained in
that "new format" but I will successively enhance the
Demo-Zip to its older extend the next days/weeks.
This demo shows, how to work with the new
Threading-Support, which is similar to what you
already know and expect from AX-Exes. Your
selfwritten ThreadClasses don't need any "special
helper-objects or -interfaces" - and normal VB-
Events, raised from within these ThreadClasses,
are also reflected back into the hosting "MainThread"
in an asynchronous way.
In the same way as with AX-Exes you can also achieve
Cross-process-access to these "Foreign-Process-
hosted" ThreadObjects, multiple Clients per Thread-
Object are supported too, so also Singleton-scenarios
are possible in an easy way (everything working regfree
of course). There's support for synchronous and async.
Calls (somewhat similar to CallByName).

Just let me know, when something does not do as it should.
The Toolset and the Demos are separated now in two
Zips - here the appropriate links:
And as said, please read the ReadMes. ;-)


Sat, 20 Aug 2011 04:04:17 GMT  
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