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(1) what are the rules / ability of a RTB containing a photo?
i.e. how do I get one in?
programmatically and manually?
How do I place it?
How to move it about?
How do I get it out.
I have been fiddling with this and not sure how to do it.

(2) I am trying to write RTB code to do the following:
a)Load in a bunch of test.
b)Search the text for a word.
c)Color the word.
d)Continue the search to color the next word.
I can do (a) thru (c), but at (d) the pointer gets messed up and the cursor
seems to be in the wrong place.
I know that coloring the text adds characters to the RTB but I am not sure
how to compensate for that so all my "pointers" are set correctly.

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 00:35:04 GMT  
As far as I remember I once could insert a bitmap via
clipboard copy/paste. But there is no easy way to float the
text around the picture, f.e. like in Word, or to address
the encapsulated image. A rich text box is not a complete
word processor.

Concerning cursor positioning you don't have to count the
RTFtext's characters, simply count the visible text's
characters, f.e. like
RTFBox.SelStart=10        'position cursor to visible char
RTFBox.SelLength=5        'set next 5 char highlighted
RTFBox.SelText="anything"    'replace highlighted text by
This is all independent from existing formatings.

Sun, 21 Aug 2011 21:58:27 GMT  
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