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 Question for OLAF


Posted at vb.db area but not much going on there. Really need help
with this one.

The VB6 Metastock demo code is having some problems with the data.

On many of the First Dates, they show up with invalid dates such as
"03/01/2074". As much as I'd like to know the future, I'm thinking
this isn't suppose to be the year 2074, for example. :-)

I've verified the data with my other projects that use a completely
different way to load Metastock data (3rd party code or code from
Equis that produces Metastock). The data itself is fine, so there
seems to be an issue with the conversion from the format to a regular
date format.

I'd started my test project using the Metastock loading code in the
demo and would like to just keep it and move on rather than swap it
out for my own Metastock code. Was wondering if you wouldn't mind
taking a look at your demo code while loading in my Metastock data.

I've zipped my Metastock folder (contains 20 markets) and it can be
downloaded from http://www.*-*-*.com/

The file is

If you use this data, you will be able to see where the Metastock demo
code is not correctly loading this data.

PS: Data provided is from Pinnacle Data. I had also tested with
Metastock data from Equis directly as I have a subscription with them
as well, and they both are not loading correctly into the Demo. I
don't know why the data you provide with the demo seems okay, except
there is only like 3 stocks. Not much of a test bed. Half of the
markets in my supplied data have the correct FirstDate as well, so I
think more data is simply needed to test thoroughly.



Fri, 28 Oct 2011 22:21:35 GMT  
 Question for OLAF

Already answered in microsoft.public.vb.database.
Please do not multipost (and choose somewhat more
"problem-specific subject-lines")...;-)

Anyway - here's the link again (containing the fixes
and also your provided data-set).


Sat, 29 Oct 2011 22:11:34 GMT  
 Question for OLAF
In this case, I like to call it "desperation posting". :-)

The two posts were independantly typed rather than one single message
sent to multiple groups. When it appeared that there wasn't much
activity over at the DB group and I could hear the crickets chirping,
and a day had gone by, I then tried to see if I can catch you here.

Sorry 'bout that.

Thanks again for your help. Your demo code has been extremely helpful
in getting me more up to speed with the SQLite and vb wrapper.




>Already answered in microsoft.public.vb.database.
>Please do not multipost (and choose somewhat more
>"problem-specific subject-lines")...;-)

>Anyway - here's the link again (containing the fixes
>and also your provided data-set).


Sat, 29 Oct 2011 23:16:38 GMT  
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