folder browsing - create folder problem 
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 folder browsing - create folder problem   I want to use a system dialog to return the path to a folder the
user selects.  I need the ability set the default folder and create a folder
too.  It would also be helpful from a less clicks stand point if the default
folder could be expanded so the user doesn't have to.  I found
FolderBrowserDialog which does what I want except for a few things.  It does
not expand the default folder which is a problem because if the user creates
a folder, a new folder is created named "New Folder" beneath the default
folder but since the default folder is collapsed, the user isn't given
feedback that the folder was created and doesn't have the option to name the
folder before it's officially created.  If the default folder is expanded
however, this problem goes away because the user does get feedback and can
name the folder.

Mon, 25 Jun 2012 04:44:06 GMT  
 folder browsing - create folder problem


wrong group; this group is for VB6 and earlier

look for a group with "dotnet" in the name

Mon, 25 Jun 2012 04:44:27 GMT  
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