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 SATA HD Config

Is there a way to determine the configuration of the SATA HDs in my PCs.
I need to see if the 1G/3G plug is pulled or not, programmatically (or else
I would just look, lol).
So far I have found that running a simple API write (by cluster size) is not
a good indication on some PCs.
When Vista is sanding my disk surfaces, my API or Binary writes are much
XP seems less of a problem, less sanding.
Currently one USB drive is much faster than a 1T SATA drive on the same
Vista PC.
Maybe there is a WMI or some other way?
As I type this, my VISTA HD light is on solid as it is indexing and sanding
my drives.
I will have to wait for several hours to get it to calm down so I can scrape
off the dust and try my speed test again.
Bottom line, besides trying to figure out what drive are fast, I would like
to know their config.
My motherboard has two SATA interfaces.
One standard and one motherboard specific.
Both are fully loaded with HD and DVD/BluRay drives.
A slow disk is causing me to lose data with Vista built-in apps. Yes,
actually lose data, so I want to figure out how to tell what each disk
config is and what speed it is capable of so I can redirect the data to the
fastest drive.
I have SATA drives that will do 60MB/Sec sustained and others that only do
14 MB/s or less.
All internal SATA HD.  The USB HD is doing 25 MB/sec sustained, nice.
But I am not sure if these are truly max since Vista is busy sanding my
disks and I do not know how to stop that.
I think Vista indexing is always on and cannot really be turned off.  I
tried and failed.
I think MS is trying to hypnotize me with the HD clackty clack and blinking
blue HD light.
Maybe if I decoded the blue light flashes it would be saying - I am a PC,
Vista PC that is ...
Hey, its Monday.

Sat, 29 Oct 2011 01:10:03 GMT  
 SATA HD Config
See step 6

Sat, 29 Oct 2011 01:23:26 GMT  
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