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>I have a Windows Vista 32 bit system.   Have a Dell All-in-One 966 printer.
> It's a wireless system.
> The message "Printer status window interface stopped working" keeps coming
> up after I start printing.   The printer will print one page and then all
> the
> other print jobs will lock up and I can't even cancel them.
> Sorry, but I am not a computer guru so please send any help in as plain a
> language as possible.

That's pretty obvious.  <g>  You're posting to the wrong newsgroup.  This
one's for general discussion of Visual Basic, a programming language (note
the ".vb." in this newsgroup's name). You need to ask your question in a
Vista newsgroup.

Try these:

If you want to post to more than one of these newsgroups, crosspost. You do
this by including all the newsgroup names, separated by commas or
semicolons, in the Newsgroups list. Also, do not use all caps for your
subject.  All caps is considered shouting and therefore rude. Some people
may skip reading your post because of that. Also, spam posts tend to use all
caps in the subject too, so people may also just construe your post as spam
and skip it. Either way, people who would otherwise read your post and could
maybe help, won't read your post at all.

You should also contact Dell regarding this problem. It might be a known
issue with that printer and Dell may have a resolution for it (perhaps an
updated driver you can download for free).

Do you happen to have another printer? Can you print OK with that one? If
so, this lends credence to the problem being with this specific printer.
(That's intended to be rhetoric and you shouldn't actually answer here since
your post is off-topic for this newsgroup.  It's just a suggestion for you
to try and you can include the results in whatever post you make to an
on-topic newsgroup).


Fri, 19 Aug 2011 08:01:28 GMT  
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