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 RichTextBox to Outlook Message Body

[Followup to microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vb]


> I am using Visual Basic 2005...

Two points follow...

1. Your post was posted seperately to multiple newsgroups.  This is referred
a "Multiposting", and is generally frowned upon.  Usually, it is best to
post to only one newsgroup.  However, if for some reason you do wish to post
to more than one, you should always crosspost, and never multipost.

Crossposting is addressing a single post to two or more newsgroups
simultaneously.  This is done by entering the names of the newsgroups in the
Newsgroups input box of your newsreader.  Normally the newsgroup names are
separated by a comma; some newsreaders will also accept a carriage return as
a delimiter.

Your question was answered in another group.  Which one?  See the problem?

Please don't multipost.  Please refer to microsoft.public.netiquette for
further information.

2.  For this question, you will need to ask in a .NET group.
Almost everybody here is using VB6 or earlier. While you may get a stray
answer to VB.NET questions here, you should ask them in newsgroups devoted
exclusively to .NET programming. Look for newsgroups with the word "dotnet"
in their name.

For the microsoft news server, try these newsgroups...


If your ISP doesn't carry them, use your NNTP client to connect directly to

There are some others, but these should get you started.


Michael Cole

Mon, 02 Jul 2012 21:43:59 GMT  
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