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 Out of Date Dependency

> Hi
> I am running the Package & Deployment wizard and I am getting an
> information
> notice that the following have 'Out of Date Dependency' MCI32.ocx and
> MSCOMCTL.ocx I know that MSCOMCTL.ocx is part of the OS and I will not
> include it in my setup when I create it. Can you tell me about MCI32.ocx?
> Do I need to update something to avoid this message in the future?
> Hope you can help.

I'm afraid that you're wrong. mscomctl.ocx is NOT part of the OS. It does
NOT ship with Windows (any version). Now, there's a pretty decent chance it
will already exist, but that's because the user has installed another app
that uses this file (so that app installed it). You need to distribute both
files with your app.

You're getting the error message most likely because at some point,
MCI32.OCX got updated but its corresponding DEP file didn't.  DEP files are
text files (basically INI files) that contain version, dependency, and other
information for their corresponding OCX or DLL (the DEP file has the same
primary file name as the OCX/DLL). So, the DEP file contains an older (or at
least different) version number than what MCI32.OCX actually has. In most
cases, it's safe to ignore this warning (but if the OCX/DLL does have
additional files it depends on, those won't get included by PDW, so you'd
need to manually add them). In fact, I believe there's a checkbox you can
mark to not get warned about it again for that particular OCX/DLL.  This is
not package specific, so if you check this box, you won't get the warning
for that OCX/DLL in *any* PDW package you create. But maybe I'm thinking of
the Missing Dependency Information warning that gives you the checkbox to
not be warned again. Not entirely sure about that as it's been quite a while
since I've used PDW on any kind of regular basis.

Anyway, if you don't want to check this box (assuming it's there), you have
2 options.

1.  Always ignore the warning and continue.
2.  Edit MCI32.DEP (it should be in the System32 folder, or for 64 bit
versions of Windows, the SysWOW64 folder) so the version it contains matches
the actual version of MCI32.OCX. There are 2 places you'll need to change
the version number. In the [Version] section and in the [MCI32.ocx] section.
You might want to take a look at the following:

INFO: How Setup Wizard and PDW Use Dependency Files

Actually, you DO have a 3rd option.  Drop MCI32.OCX completely from your app
and use the Win32 API. Not saying this would be feasible (depends largely on
exactly how you're using the control), but it IS an option that's available
to you.

Interestingly, on my system, the DEP file has as the file version
number for MCI32.OCX.  Yet, the version number of MCI32.OCX itself is  So apparently, the DEP file got updated and the OCX didn't.  <g>
No idea if I'd still get the out of date warning from PDW.  My guess would
be that I would since I believe the version numbers must match exactly and
PDW really doesn't discern if the version in the DEP file is greater than
the OCX.


Fri, 19 Aug 2011 07:33:49 GMT  
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