OT: Can I just copy over one or more of these files? 
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 OT: Can I just copy over one or more of these files?

Sorry for placing this enquiry here, but I know this group is viewed
frequently, whereas I checked the microsoft.public.win98.* groups and
they have very few messages.

My two Win98SE systems are mismatched in certain system DLLs. I
suspect it's because the one PC that I use only occasionally has IE6
whereas the one I use every day for VB6 has IE 5.5.

The problem: I installed GUIDO NoteViewer (open source music notation)
on the PC with IE5.5, but it produces garbled notation. Then I
installed it on the other PC and it works fine on that one. Then I ran
depends.exe on both PCs and the following files are more recent on the
PC that GUIDO works properly on, that is, the one with IE6:

                IE6 PC          IE 5.5 PC
COMCTL32.DLL    5.81.4916.400   5.81.4134.600  
MFC42.DLL       6.2.4131.0      6.0.9782.0      
OLEAUT32.DLL    2.40.4518.0     2.40.4277.1
OLEPRO32.DLL    5.0.4518.0      5.0.4277.1
SHLWAPI.DLL     6.0.2800.1106   5.50.4134.600
URLMON.DLL      6.0.2800.1106   5.50.4134.600
WININET.DLL     6.0.2800.1106   5.50.4134.600

However, I have in the past had problems with IE6 on 98SE, so I am
loathe to upgrade the IE5.5 PC to IE6.

So, can I simply copy one or more of the above DLLs from the IE6 PC to
the other one? I would copy one file at a time and see if that fixes
the garbled display problem. I suspect the problem to be due to one or
more of the first four DLLs, and the last two are probably not
involved at all.

I realise I can just "suck it and see" and make some backups and try
out my plan, one file at a time, but I thought I'd just garner a few
expert opinions first.



Tue, 15 May 2012 03:57:52 GMT  
 OT: Can I just copy over one or more of these files?

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 OT: Can I just copy over one or more of these files?

> COMCTL32.DLL 5.81.4916.400 5.81.4134.600

See if this helps:

Shell and Common Controls Versions

I think you need to downgrade COMCTL32.DLL because version 5.81 is not
supposed to be in Win98.

Tue, 15 May 2012 05:01:25 GMT  
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