Creating but not sending a Lotus Notes email 
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 Creating but not sending a Lotus Notes email


I have installed the latest Lotus Notes client and have it
successfully sending test emails via VB6.

However I'd like to create the email so it's sitting on the Lotus
Notes screen and not send it.  I also don't want to enter the
recipient.  I want the user to choose the recipient from the address

Lots of sample code out there to create and send Lotus Notes emails
but not to just to create the email.

The important lines of code are:

    Set rtitem = doc.CREATERICHTEXTITEM("Body")
    doc.subject = strSubject
    doc.Body = strBody & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    Call doc.send(0)

I also want to figure out how the send an HTML email but I figure that
won't be too hard to find the code.   While I have HTML code in the
strBody variable it comes out looking like the code view of HTML.

Thanks, Tony
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