vb5 Customize Toolbars/menus -- can you define sub-menus 
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 vb5 Customize Toolbars/menus -- can you define sub-menus

Is there a way to define sub-menus for either a "Toolbar" or for one of the
"Shortcut Menus"?  

I'd like to consolidate some of the "Shortcut Menus/Code Windows/Code
Window" menu items into a Sub-menu.

I realize you can use any of the predefined Sub-menus from the 'Commands'
tab of the 'Customize' (Toolbar) dialog, but I want to create one.  The
problem with using one of the predefined Sub-menus is that if you modify
it, the modifications are reflected everywhere that sub-menu is referenced.
 I tried copying one, changing its 'Name', and then modifying it, but the
changes were still reflected in the original one I copied it from.

I'm using vb5 EE.


Raffi Bezidjian,
MCP / Solution Developer

Sun, 10 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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