Retrieve pictures by using DLL-method 
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 Retrieve pictures by using DLL-method

Hi all,

I read a picture by using an ActiveX DLL-method. The method works fine, but
the method "returns" to the calling function in the EXE-module, my
crashes. Someone in this newsgroup mentioned to use the IPictureDisp as
but that doesn't work either.

Anybody has an idea to solve this ? Anybody does know how to pass pictures
between a DLL and an EXE ?

Thanks in advance !

Jean-Marie De Smet

My code:



Private objPic As Pic.GetPictures
private sub Form_load()

    on error goto errhandler

    Set objPic = CreateObject("Pic.GetPictures")            ' works fine

    call imgToolbar.ListImages.Add(1, , GetIcon(1))         ' jumps to
errhandler when GetIcon() returns

    exit sub

    logerror (LOG_ERROR, "loading form failed")

end sub

    set objPic = nothing
end sub


Public function GetIcon(ByVal lIDIcon As Long) as StdPicture

    Set GetIcon = LoadResPicture(lIDIcon, vbResIcon)        ' works fine

End function                                                ' works fine

Mon, 14 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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