VB5 OCX version problem 
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 VB5 OCX version problem


I'm working on a VB5 project which utilize some OCX (common dialog, SStab,
etc). I found that if I upgrade something (os 95->98, VB5->VB6, etc), some
OCX will be upgraded to a new version.
The wrost thing is that when I open my VB5 project now, some OCX won't be
loaded. For simple control like common dialog, I can drag a new one. For
some OCX like SSTab, where I have many tabs and properties set, I need to
work hard to rebuild it!

Someone teach me to edit the .frm / .frx file, but I wonder why we need to
do such thing! Are there any better methods to prevent it??


Mon, 31 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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