DataEnvironment - Changing ADO Command Execute method parameters 
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 DataEnvironment - Changing ADO Command Execute method parameters

Hi all,

I hope somebody can help,

I'm using the DataEnviroment (DE) "Control" to call a database stored
procedure. Now this procedure has alot of parameters and the DE Control is
great for wraping these parameters into a nice VB function call, with the SP
parameters being parameters to the VB function call (it saves me from
defining the parameters and setting the values!!)

Unforunately I want to change the command call (via the DE class function
call) from sync to async. The class wrapper of the DE object is just
executing the SP as sync. Now I have been looking at the WillExecute Event
that is triggered BEFORE the execute. This event has the Options parameter
of the execute method, unfortunately changing this to indicate an async call
has no affect when the ADO command is evoked via the class wrapper call: ie
        DE.Command1(para1, ......, Paran)

BUT IF I pass the parameters to the ADO command object directly myself and
not via the VB function call and then execute the command, I can change the
command behaviour (either sync or async) via the Willexecute event.

Does anybody know of a workaround??



Fri, 19 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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