Snapins won't initialize properly 
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 Snapins won't initialize properly

  I'm trying to write an MMC snapin with the VB snapin kit, but no VB
snapins work.  None of the Microsoft's tutorials or sample code work.
When I step through the code with the de{*filter*}, I can see that
'Private Sub SnapIn_Initialize' is called twice, and then the MMC
displays a dialog box saying "The snap-in that has been selected
failed to initialize properly."
  Has anybody else had these problems?  I'm using VB 6.0 SP 3.0, on
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP 6.  The VB snapin kit was installed from
'Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for Whistler Beta 1 (2296.5)'.  Could
this be because I'm running them from the de{*filter*}?

Mon, 19 Jan 2004 03:35:15 GMT  
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