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 Show/Hide causes system crash

This is not exactly the same scenario but I hope this helps:

I have an application where I was disabling (Enabled=False) the previous
form in my current form's Load event.  This caused an invalid page fault. I
found that if I disabled the previous form in the previous form's
procedure, I did not get the page fault, i.e.,

Sub cmdNext_Click()
        frmOld.Enabled = False
End Sub

This does not pertain to a modal Show method call, but, hopefully this will
point you in a positive direction.


> Symptom:

> In VB4.0a the following application works fine.  In VB5.0, my system
> (Windows 95 4.00.950a w/Plus! for Windows 95) locks up very tight.
> Sometimes I can CTL-ALT-DEL but the task manager has the Shutdown option
> disabled.  In the end, I always have to hard reboot.  After the first
> reboot my Windows 95 startup halts with a message that the VMM32.VXD
> file is either missting or corrupt.  Usually the next time I reboot
> everything comes back up ok (so far I've never had to reboot more than 3
> times.)  It happens both from the EXE and from the development
> environment.

Fri, 29 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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