Can ActiveX Doc work like OLE Embedded Document 
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 Can ActiveX Doc work like OLE Embedded Document

A while back, a member of our team built a viewer (in VC++ 4.2 ) that
allowed users to view data extracted from our VB application and use it
within Word or Power Point (the Office 95 versions).  We found that the
viewer does not work properly on Office 97 apps, especially under
Windows NT4.  This is due to changes in the OLE model used in the newer
Office applications.  The original author has left the group and we are
without the necessary OLE experience to easily debug this app. We are
attempting to  replace the viewer with an Active X Document built in
VB.  The new VB viewer works fine for IE or the Office Binder, however,
you can not embed it in Word or Power Point.  Does anyone know if it is
possible to make a VB5 Active X Document behave as an embedded object?
What steps are involved and where might I find documentation.  I have
spent better than a week searching through my October MSDN disks and
have come to the conclusion that this may be impossible.

Thanks in advance,

Bryan S. Maher
Carnegie Mellon University

Mon, 01 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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