vb5.0 32bit EXE running in 16bit IE3.0 browser 
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 vb5.0 32bit EXE running in 16bit IE3.0 browser

Here's the way it works: to use VB5's active documents, the browser must be
running on NT4 or Win95. This might change in the future, since MS is
trying to port ActiveX everywhere, but for now it isn't possible for
another platform to use the Active Documents.

This also means that IE 3.0+ is the only Active Doc browser, since other
browsers fail to support ActiveX.

On possible alternative would be to use Active Server Pages, which execute
on the server and don't care what client is in use.

From what I've heard, VB5.5/Vegas (supposedly to be announced in May) will
solve this, since Vegas is allegedly going to build Java Byte Code apps. If
so, a Vegas Active Doc compiled to Java Byte Code could run in any Java
browser. If this works, I, for one, will be impressed...


> I have created an ActiveX EXE w/ 2 Userdocuments in VB5.0. I ran the
> wizard and created an Internet Download Setup program. This was all done
> a IIS server, installed in the wwwroot directory and works fine when
> running through a IE3.X browser in NT4.0.

> However, if one accesses this URL in a IE3.X browser on a 16-bit system
> such as Windows3.x it won't work and the reason seems to be obvious: the
> EXE that is included in the .cab file that is download to the users
> is a 32-bit EXE!

> So my questions are...
> 1)How can one use a browser to access the userdocument forms and the EXE
> that runs them from the server and not have the EXE and everything else
> that is in the .cab file downloaded from the server but rather have these
> files stay on the server.

> 2)Or if the files have to be downloaded to the users machine, how does a
> 32bit activex EXE file run in IE3.0 on a 16-bit machine? It doesn't!!

Wed, 29 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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