Ftp to Ftp transfers (and assorted other thingies) 
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 Ftp to Ftp transfers (and assorted other thingies)

Would it be possible to use the internet ActiveX controls that come with VB5
to make a program that would transfer from my companies FTP to my branch
office's ftp server, without going through my computer?  I would access my
main ftp server and then access my other office's ftp server and do a remote
transfer type thing?  This is already done with a program called SuperFTP or
FXP, neither of which are too stable, hence the need for something else.

Okay.... one more for the VB Techies..... I have a CD-player type program
that keeps track of the number of seconds that a song plays.  I want to
convert those seconds into actual minutes:seconds format.  I have some
preliminary code, but it doesn't work when the seek button is pressed.  Any
help on that little problem would be GREATLY appreciated.... after all...
who heard of a CD-player without a timer?

Okay... now that the tough ones are out of the way..... I have a 2 user
license for VB5 enterprise, and when it was installed on the other
programmer's machine, it worked fairly well.  Now when he adds a ActiveX
component, he gets an error message.  Could someone tell me what the problem
is (you've probably already answered it, but I only look through about 300
messages and newsgroups a day).  I had another computer with this problem
before, but I fixed it by reformatting it (that wasn't the only problem).

Any help would be appreciated, and if you have an answer, please by all

remember all you programmers, the problem is not getting it to work on your
computer, its someone else's that is the problem.

Thu, 01 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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