Calling VB ActiveX DLL from Visual C++ problem 
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 Calling VB ActiveX DLL from Visual C++ problem

 I developed a VB 5.0 ActiveX DLL and am having a problem.  If I build the
DLL on my machine and call it from my VC++ 5.0 app, it works fine.   As a
matter of fact, it
works fine with any workstation as long as I build and register it within
the VB 5.0 IDE.

However, when I push the DLL down to another workstation, and register it
through the installation process or manually, the application doesn't work,
I am getting an error message ActiveX cannot create object - Error message

I did notice that in my registry, I have more than one entry for the dll; it
appear that anytime I roll out a new version, I seem to get a new registry

I need to roll this out before the end of this week.  Any help would be
appreciated. Forward message to both email addresses.  Thanks.

Marianne Peterson

Sun, 09 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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