Combo box dropdown behavior problem 
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 Combo box dropdown behavior problem

I am using a combo box in my program. The problem I have is this,
when the combo box is clicked to display a drop down list, it will
hold the focus even the mouse has already move out of the combo box.
This is problematic, as explained below :-

I have a few buttons next to the combo box. When the combo is clicked,
the dropdown list is displayed. While the dropdown is still displayed,
the mouse is move over to click one of the buttons ( ie outside of
the combo box ). The button will not receive the mouse clicks because
the keyboard/mouse focus is still with the combo box. Only the second
mouse click that the button will receive the click.

This is perceived by the user as my program misbehaving and
requires clicking two times to activate only once.

Anybody has a good suggestion as to how this problem can be solved ?

Best regards,

Sun, 20 Jun 2004 12:24:06 GMT  
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