Why Won't my ActiveX Control run(Sometimes) 
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 Why Won't my ActiveX Control run(Sometimes)

Why Won't my ActiveX Control run(Sometimes)

I have written some simple ActiveX controls containing MsChart and ADO
links to an SQL Server database. These run fine in the VB environment.

I have then placed the controls on an HTML page, created a CAB
file/support directory  on the Web Server (IIS 4.0) using the Package
and Depolyment wizard.

The problem is, the ActiveX controls run on the HTML page on some PCs
but not others. I have checked the IExplorer (both 4 and 5 ) settings
which are identical on all the PCs, also checked the OCXs have been
downloaded and registered.

I only think I can think of is that some of the support (dependant)
files are missing on the PCs which don't run the ActiveX controls, the
HTML page just produces a little transparent square in the top left of
the page.

How can I find out which dependant files are missing ?.

Any suggestions, please.



Thu, 01 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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