Locking error, DataControl Error, or am I stupid ? 
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 Locking error, DataControl Error, or am I stupid ?

I have problems in the following area's and just want to know if these are known problem zone's for Visual Basic

Using the Datacontrol and SQL Database I have following Problems

1. Wenn using LockType "rdConcurRowver" or "rdConcurValues".   If I have DBComboboxes on the form the Locktype is not caught, however without
   I get err.number 40002 wich apears to be a VB Standard error for everything which has to do with SQL Database.  n.b. rdConcurLock works like a breeze!!

2. Wenn usign the Datacontrol from another form like:

   "frmErrCat.RDODatacontrol.Resultset.Update or frmErrCat.RDODatacontrol.Resultset.addnew"

I have problems with the DataControl Error Event. Instead or going to the Error Event, VB goes directly to the Validate event totally
ignoring the Error Event.  in dooing so I have no way of addressing any error messages from the SQL Server!
Therefore wenn I get the Error 40002 (Internal error in SQL database, exactly what wend wrong depends on the SQL Server Driver)
I cannot make something out of it except of a messagebox saying that something is wrong with the SQL Server, and that eventuell
data may be lost.  Not a nice message for a user.

3. Does anyone have a compiled list of RDO Error's

4. Where can one get info on how to use the "MicrosoftUserConnection".  I did not receive one wort of Dokumentation with the VB 5.0
Enterprise version nor in online help

Thankyou in advance for your help

Sun, 20 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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