no compile time license for rdo? 
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 no compile time license for rdo?


When compiling a VB6 project with a reference to msrdo20.dll the compiler
says "Permission Denied" on a line like "With rdo.rdoEngine", which it
does if there is no compile time license for the ActiveX DLL. Environment:
SP5 and MDAC 2.6 msrdo20.dll V6.00.88.62 . It doesn't even look up any
key in the Registry (ntregmon). It compiles in debug mode (Ctrl-F5) but when
run "... Can't create Object ..."

The myst is, if it is compiled on an "older" box with VB6 EE SP4 and MDAC
all compiles and runs fine. It also looks up
23B0-11D0-8E95-00A0C90F26F8], which is present and presumeably correct on

I didn't investigate if this is caused by SP5, MDAC2.6 or any "Microsoft

I didn't find anything on MSDN Online nor on Technet, so could someone help

Here's a code snippet (cut&paste from the Helpfile) to reproduce:
Dim en As RDO.rdoEnvironment

Private Sub Form_Load()
With rdoEngine
    .rdoDefaultLoginTimeout = 20
    .rdoDefaultCursorDriver = rdUseOdbc
    .rdoDefaultUser = "Fred"
    .rdoDefaultPassword = ""
End With
Set en = rdoEnvironments(0)
'   Dump current rdoEnvironments collection
'   and display current properties where
'   possible.
For Each en In rdoEnvironments
    Debug.Print "LoginTimeout:" & en.LoginTimeout
    Debug.Print "CursorDriver:" & en.CursorDriver
    Debug.Print "User:" & en.UserName
   ' (Write-only) Debug.Print "Password:" & en.Password
End Sub

Martin Lercher
Singhammer dtSoftware GmbH

Sat, 25 Oct 2003 22:10:36 GMT  
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