ActiveX server with Global Object 
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 ActiveX server with Global Object

Try to set "Instancing" property of ClockClas to "2 - PublicNotCreatable",
but you still will have a troubles, when a client runs on another PC (at
least I have)

All the best,

> I'm trying to create an ActiveX server which would use a "Global Object".
> Such that clients could get a reference to the global object and any
> from the global object each client would recieve.

> The application is to monitor changes in an Oracle table driven by Oracle
> triggers.

> The problem is that the server seems to create multiple occurences of the
> "global Object" when the code looks like it should only create a single
> occurence.  The symptoms which show this are the events recieved by
> clients are dissimilar.

> I have created a small demonstration project which shows this behavior.
> odd thing is if you run the Demo server in the developement environment
> all works as it should.  Events are recieved by all clients at the same
> time....

> If you compile the server and let the clients launch it as needed the
> are not recieved by multiple clients.

> The two project files include here are "DemoTime.vbp" which it the server
> and the event passed shows the creation time or the updated time of the
> "Global Object" instanciated from the "ClockClass".  The "EventClass" is
> its instancing set to multiuse so as to give each client access to the
> ClockClass object.

> The DemoClient is a single form where a label shows the current timestamp
> the Global object, a text object where you can type a time into and click
> the button to set the timestamp of the global object.

> If you run multiple instances of the DemoClient the label should always be
> updated to the same time in each client window.

> This appears to be a bug in the compiler to me but could be a lack of
> understanding in running out of process servers.
> Please comment on how to make this work correctly if we can!!!!!

> Thanks Much in advance
> John Fors
> Email remove the NOSPAM from the address.

Sun, 26 Oct 2003 14:24:37 GMT  
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