compiling problems 
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 compiling problems

Hi , Currently I am using:
VB Enterprise edition ---FRONT END
Access                       ---BACK END
Platform I am using is NT
I am developing a database software
I am trying to create a EXE.   package and constantly  iam getting a
I have tried it with other machines with NT and also with windows 95
But i am having the same message with every machines
So the package that i have created is loading and configuring but at the end
it is gving me this following message:

"  It is not registering $(dllseifregisterex) because it is not found in
c:\winnt\system32 "

I have been working with it for 7 days with no luck. Thanks for reading my
sincerely roger

Sun, 13 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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