installer 1.1 with VB 
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 installer 1.1 with VB


I'm trying to create an installation program that will install my VB
software and other files (i.e. excel spreadsheets, etc.) into certain
folders.  I'm using Visual Studio's Installer 1.1.  I am running into
difficulties with having my installation program install files (docs or
spreadsheets, etc.) into already existing folders on the "C" drive (i.e.
c:\data\ms\excel).  Installer 1.1 wants to create new folders in the file
system window instead of installing the files into the existing folders.  Is
there a setting somewhere or a certain type of folder I need to create that
will do this.  My VB program needs to look for this other files in a
specific location that already exists (i.e. c:\data\ms\excel folder) but the
installer just creates new ones under the program folders of this
application or in other locations but never an existing folder.

Thanks for any help!


Andrew Jones

Tue, 14 Oct 2003 11:51:50 GMT  
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