need some basic information on visual basic and visual c++ 
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 need some basic information on visual basic and visual c++

>I need some information about Visual Basic and Visual C++.

>1. Does Visual Basic have object oriententated features like heritage,... .

No. The Microsoft party-line is that inheritance is not a cool feature
in an OO language, anyway. Instead, you use aggregation. This means
you include an instance of your superclass as an object in your
sub-class. Then stitch the two together -- for each method in the
superclass, code an equivalent function in the sub-class that calls
the superclass.

This is a fine approach for objects at a binary level, but come on. in
a single language environment, a lack of inheritance means lots of
unnecessary coding. For example, lets say I want ot make a sublcass
that adds one method to a superclass, which already has 20. I have to
manually code and debug 20 wrapper functions, and then I can add my
one enhancement. What happens if the superclass itself gets
enhancements? I have to find every subclass and manually stitch in the
new enhancments.

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>2. If you combine differnt languages what are the pro's and con's?
>Topic of interest: combination of program segements developed under
>Visual-C++ and Visual-Basic.

General recomendation is to code performance critical routines in C
and user interface in VB. Two choices are .dll functiona call
interface or OLE object interface.


>a) Writing a program in Visual-C++ and including VBX/OCX Controlls
>produced by using Visual-Basic.

I've generally heard it done the other way around -- code the OCX in
C++ and include in VB application. C++ provides inheritance, and I'm
not sure you can create OCXs in VB4. VB5 may let you create OCXs, but
well just have to wait and see.


>b) Writing a program in Visual-Basic using methods and funktions in .dll
>files, which were produced using Visual-C++.

This is very easy to do.


>Could you tell me which method to favor. Please explain. Or is there
>a better method c) ?

>Thx in advance...
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Phil Grisier
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