TSQL Debugger, VB6 and SQL Server 7 
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 TSQL Debugger, VB6 and SQL Server 7

I can't get the VB6 TSQL de{*filter*} to work with an SQL Server 7 database - as
soon as I try to execute the stored procedure I get an error message telling
me to look at the Client and server logs.

I can't find any errors in either the my PC event viewer logs , the server
event viewer logs or SQL servers error logs

I suspect I need to install something on the server Where can I find details
of what ?

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 03:12:32 GMT  
 TSQL Debugger, VB6 and SQL Server 7

On CD 2 of VB Enterprise is a folder named SQDBG_SS including the
(SQL)server-side components needed for debugging.

You would want to look at Event Logs mostly on the server, in both System
(for DCOM-related entries) and Application (where the app name (where I
believe they say MSDEVSDI).

Q170496 below is the "general" T-SQL De{*filter*} troubleshooting article, but
it probably needs some updating...

If you get farther, and have more specific error messages or problems,
please let me know. Among other things, SQL Server must be running in a
domain account, not Local System.


Knowledge Base Articles
This list does not include SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer debugging
articles or unpublished KB articles that consist only of imported RAID

Installing the De{*filter*} add-in
Q166280 -- DOC: T-SQL De{*filter*} Server Setup Provides Incorrect Location
Q181854 -- FILE: VB5cli.exe Fixes Visual Basic 5.0 Control Installation
Q190211 -- PRB: Problems With Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 on Same System
Q190212 -- BUG: Add-Ins Only Visible to the User Who Installs VB
Q191037 -- INFO: VB6 Learning, Professional, and Enterprise Features
Q254464 -- PRB: Can't Add the T-SQL De{*filter*} to the Visual Basic Add-in
Q281644 -- BUG: SQL Debugging Does Not Install on SQL Server 2000
Q291961 -- PRB: Debugging Stored Procedure Fails w/ "Cannot load.." Error
(doesn't apply to VB De{*filter*}, only VI and Query Analyzer)

Launching the De{*filter*}
Q156096 -- INF: Tips for Debugging Stored Procedures from VC++
Q170496 -- INF: Tips for Debugging Stored Procedures from Visual Basic
Q172099 -- PRB: T-SQL - Running Remote and Local SQL Debugging
Q175868 -- BUG: T-SQL De{*filter*} Does Not Run on NT with User Account
Q179023 -- FIX: T-SQL De{*filter*} Hangs When User Has No Execute Permission
Q281297 -- FIX: Visual Studio 6.0 T-SQL De{*filter*} Buffer Overflow,
describing the bug fix released on the Visual Studio Product

Updates page
Q303324 -- BUG: SQL Server 2000 SP1 Breaks Visual Basic T-SQL De{*filter*}
Using the De{*filter*}
Q190451 -- BUG: Exiting VB While T-SQL De{*filter*} Is Running Causes Hang
Q191513 -- BUG: TSQL-De{*filter*} Not Invoked Calling Second Stored Procedure
Q200888 -- PRB: Cannot Invoke T-SQL De{*filter*} to Automatically Appear Using
Q223060 -- FIX: T-SQL Shows Incorrect Parameters in Local Variables Window
Q272074 -- FIX: T-SQL De{*filter*} Parses SQL Server 2000 Return Value
Q280099 -- BUG: T-SQL de{*filter*} cannot debug stored procedure contains
RAISERROR of 16 or higher (unpublished)

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