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 OLEDB Simple Provider

When creating a simple OLEDB provider I do not get the third option of OLEDB
Simple Provider, just None and DataSource.

I have VB6EE installed over VB6MayBeta. I have not installed sp1.  Any

My VB5 based OLEDB Simple Providers (based on the OLEDB SDK 1.5) now only
sort of work in VB6.  I can from a VB consumer obtain an ADO recordset from
my provider and iterate the rows and get/set the values.  But if I give the
ADOR to a grid, say the Janus grid, it fails with invalid recordset.  Why?
Worse if I try and debug my provider dll the consumer(vb based exe or vb
ide) fails with an exception.  Why? and why the difference in behaviour?

I do not seem to get calls from MSDAOSP.dll trying to install a

If I have my OSP data object/DataSource class(with no VB6 DataOptions turned
on) implement IDataSource nothing gets called...

There seem to be a number of options does anyone know which mix works?

    vb6 release/sp1 and vb5
    mdac20 release/sp1

Thu, 10 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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