Own Toolwindow disappears always 
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 Own Toolwindow disappears always

Hello together

I would like to program with VB 5.0 an own Toolwindow in a ActiveX.DLL and
the DLL then to term over VBA of Excel and Word from bind and using.
To my problem:
1.      How submit I the Toolwindow in the DLL his owner, so that the
Hauptwindow of Excel and/or Word always under me lies, I however
furthermore with the Hauptapplikation can work.
        I had to use thought a nichtmodalen dialogue to it, since modal dialogues
continue working prevent that, but the Toolwindow       disappeared at  that
activate the Hauptfenster always in the background.
2.      If I call up the DLL with the nichtmodalen dialogue of a C++ application
from, I do not get an error message that in ActiveX.DLL - files
        nichtmodale dialogues are accepted.

Which do I only wrong?
I true for each reference very to the thanks obligates.  

Daniel Schade
LEAN Software

Mon, 20 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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