Package Wiz not marking Safety 
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 Package Wiz not marking Safety

I have an ActiveX.EXE which I used to package with VB5's setup wiz into a
CAB file.  I always marked it safe for initializing and scripting and it
worked.  Now using VB6's P&D Wizard, it wont mark the safety.  I notice that
even after SP2, it still doesn't put the CLSID in the default .HTM file!!!

...soap box mode on...

Everyone talks about great productivity with these new tools.  From the
looks of the problems we have to put up with, I dont think there's much of a
productivity boost.  I know we saw the same problems with VB5 when it came
out, but MS never resolved all the problems, now we get VB6 with a whole lot

Just browsing Microsoft's Support web site is enough to turn me off using
Microsoft Technology.  Web server errors, Internet Explorer 800c0008 errors
(and a multitude of client-side scripting errors when net connections are
busy), more re-directions and broken links than working links sometimes.

Not very good advertising is it?????

...soap box mode off...

I feel a little better now - I get FRUSTRATED wasting whole days trying to
solve problems (or find workarounds).

Fri, 03 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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