MTS Transactions Never Roleback 
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 MTS Transactions Never Roleback

I have coded 5 sample objects. Their layout is below ...

RootObject Calls Object1 & Object4
Object1 calls Object2
Object2 calls Object3

Object1, Object2, Object3, Object4 all insert a single record into a SQL
Sever 6.5 table.

RootObject is set to 'Requires A New Transaction' (Note: Have tried
'Requires A Transaction' )
Objects1-4 are set to 'Requires A Transaction' (Note: Have tried 'Supports

RootObject & Object1-4 all are coded just like MTS Bank Sample using ...
    GetObjectContext.CreateInstance of child objects
    GetObjectContext.SetComplete or GetObjectContext.SetAbort respectively

All objects run fine when in MTS and no setAbort called, SQL Table containes
expected 4 inserts., However
when I force an error by calling GetObjectContext.SetAbort no inserted
records are rolled back (DELETED)
like a single Transaction should have.

I can forward ALL Code if needed. No matter what I do, SetAbort never undoes
the work already performed.


Thu, 10 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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