Accessing Remote Oracle database using VB code. 
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 Accessing Remote Oracle database using VB code.


I already wrote programs with VB and used Data Controls.  But now, I am
trying to access a remote oracle database using odbc (or anything
else).  I didn't find interesting Help topics in the VB Help and found
nothing that can help me start a part of code.  All they do is to give
help text without any part of code, and sometimes they give code without
a good explanations.  Maybe good help pages are actually available, and
I just didn't saw them when trying to solve my problem.

To finish, can you give me a detailed explanation of what are
RDO-RDC-DAO   for and what's the diffrence between them.

Any help, internet URLs, Book titles or Help topic will be greatly

Thanks in advance


Mon, 01 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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