HELP! Dire need for the definitive VB416 TASK APPACTIVATE code!! 
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 HELP! Dire need for the definitive VB416 TASK APPACTIVATE code!!

I've got and seen many a demo which will list and locate running tasks
they are usually listed with the Names of the executable which
launched those processes rather than the current window names.

Second part of this problem is once you have determined the APP is
already running you need the Window Name to pass to the APP ACTIVATE
command as far as I can tell to give it Focus and you also need to
RESTORE it if it was minimized with Windows 95 (even more complex).  

Third part is many people can be running anything from Win31 to Win95
to NT and this will not always work from system to system.  Surely
some clever programmer has devised the ultimate TASK SPOTTING and
FOCUS code!  Please share it with us!                  

Wed, 16 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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