Data Report VB6 Designer Using Stored Procedures & Parameters 
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 Data Report VB6 Designer Using Stored Procedures & Parameters

I am trying to use the Data Report Designer that is part of the VB6
Professional/Enterprise tool set...

I am using the Northwind sample database included with SQL Server 7.0 as my
back end...

I have no trouble with setting up the connection & command objects within
the data environment designer used in conjunction with the data report

the problem comes when I want to use one of the existing stored procedures
within the SQL Northwind Database on the Data Report,  there are only 7 and
I can not make any of them work with the Datareport...

Can anybody give/show me a functional example of how to perform this task?
(A sample project would be great; a picture is worth a thousand words...)

in some cases in trying to make any of the 7 existing SQL Stored Procedures
work with the data report it raises a error that it is looking for a input
parameter, which looks to be set in the connection properties dialog box on
the Parameters tab in the Value Text Box; but it seems to take a different
syntax than I expect, I was figuring that I would just enter the a desired
Value there, but it seems to be wanting more info. In addition, if I wanted
to use a Stored Procedure on the Data Report that required user supplied
parameters how would I accomplish this task with the Data Report?

thanks in advance,


Mon, 20 Oct 2003 22:25:29 GMT  
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