HELP:OLE server to control multiple Database connections 
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 HELP:OLE server to control multiple Database connections

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone could help me with this:

I have a number of VB4.0 applications which talk to a SYBASE database via
ODBC/DAO. Each application creates a separate connection to the database.
Potentially, there could be a few instances of each application, and this
means that ONE PC could have 6 or more connections to the database.

I want to avoid multiple connections to the database, so I was thinking of
the following design:

1. One OLE server which would manage the db connections; upon request from
one of the applications, it will create a connection (if one doesn't
exist), in a named workspace; otherwise it will simply tell the requesting
application that the connection exists, and here is the named workspace.

2. all applications will talk to the OLE server, requesting a connection in
the named workspace.

The problem with this seems to be that the server cannot make the named
workspace public; When the server goes through the collection of
Workspaces, it finds the default workspace AND the named one. When any of
my application goes through the collection of Workspaces, it only finds the
default one.

So the basic question is: how can I make a workspace known across
servers/applications? Can it be done at all? Is there another solution to
the "multiple connections" problem?

Environment: win95 & NT, VB 4.0 enterprise, SYBASE 10 & 11 on Un*x boxes.

Any help/ideas/past experience with this or similar problems would be
greatly appreciated.


Fri, 23 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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