Dynamic Form Loads: CallByName 
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 Dynamic Form Loads: CallByName

I need/want to use a sub to load a form in the current app (but not necessarily
in the Forms collection yet).

I imagine something like this:

Private Sub LoadDynamic(sName as String)

Dim UnknownObject as ???       'I don't know what to put here
         Set UnknownObject=???   '    or here
         CallByName UnknownObject, sName & "_Load, VBMethod

End Sub

I want to use this in an ActiveX Control and the formname is a property so I
won't know the object reference at design time but it should resolve at runtime
or I raise an error to the calling app.

Any Clues?  [Global] and App don't work, and adding sName to Forms ahead of the
CallByName requires and object reference not just the name in a string.

Thanks in anticipation,


Fri, 30 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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