VB6 ListView: Why oh why oh why... 
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 VB6 ListView: Why oh why oh why...

> I've just recently moved on to VB6 from VB5 and found it far better than
> has been cracked down to be.

I'm with you there.

> But some things make me wonder. For example, I tend to use the ListView
> control a fair bit. In 5 I had to use API calls for stuff like swapping
> columns, full row select etc. Now in 6 this functionality is exposed
> by the control. But if it was already there via the API, why wait until
> to expose it?

The API is for comctl32.dll. Some of the functionality was never a part of
this dll until recently (IE updates). The mscomctl.ocx in VB6 can take
advantage of this new stuff because it has the newer comctl32.dll functions
built-in (which is also why it's almost twice the size of comctl32.ocx from

> And the most useful API call is to sort the ListView
> numerically instead of alphabetically - but this is not exposed by the 6
> control! Are Microsoft simply delaying exposing this method until VB7 so
> can attract us to convert again with more quick wins?

All of the common controls have features available through API that aren't
properties or methods of the OCX. Like all of VB, you get what you get from
MS and build from there.

> And another thing. How do you tell which service pack you have installed
> VB6. In VB5 it appeared in the Splash and the About. I work as part of a
> of developers coding on different sites, and we are all out of synch
> nobody can tell what they've got.

There really are no service packs for VB6. The first SP was a compatibility
fix for VC runtimes and the second to make VJ comply with legal rulings. The
VB6 IDE and runtime never changed.

Tue, 09 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 VB6 ListView: Why oh why oh why...


>I've just recently moved on to VB6 from VB5 and found it far better than it
>has been cracked down to be.

I found your above statement very encouraging.  I have been sitting on
VB6 for a couple of months because of all the negative publicity.

Did you end up keeping VB5 on the same computer?  I am leaning toward
getting rid of it.



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