DCOM server created in VB6 not responding 
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 DCOM server created in VB6 not responding

I have a DCOM server and client developed in the VB.
Server includes a class with a public function that saves
certain data to a database. The client is a simple
application that includes one button which uses
CreateObject method to call DCOM server and try to save
that data to a database.

I have installed both server and client using a setup
created by Package & Deployement wizard, step by step as
it is explained in the MSDN.

The problem: if the client is on the same machine as
server, everything works fine, but that's now what I want.
If I install client on other machine in a network, I can
access the server in Visual Basic, or that client
application, but when I try to run that server function,
everything stops. When I try to click on the command
button in the client application again, I get
the "application is busy" message with "switch
to", "retry" and "abort" buttons.

My question: What could be the source of the problem?

Thank you for the answer,
Blaz Ziherl

Wed, 11 Aug 2004 03:51:47 GMT  
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