Text file records comparaison against a Master text file 
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 Text file records comparaison against a Master text file


Can anyone direct me to the right place where I can find information or
code samples to help me achieve the following tasks. I am new into Database
developing using VB.

I have a master text file (comma delimited records) of all the records that
need to be imported into an SQL Server 6.5 database. I receive everyday a
text file containing a subset number of records from this Master text file
that  I need to import into this live database.
My aim is to :
1. Import the Master database into an Access DB table
2. Compare each text file I receive daily against the Master Access DB and
triger any record imported  "Y/N".
3. Trace any record in any text file that by mistake appears another time
whereas it was already imported and trigered.

The idea is to make sure I am tracking all records imported against the
Master file to make sure nothing is missing.
I appreciate very much your help.


Tue, 23 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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