Help!->Out of Memory when choosing Make EXE and compiling in VB4 
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 Help!->Out of Memory when choosing Make EXE and compiling in VB4

I have a large VB4 app which calls a DLL (MC++ v1.52). The Dll is an OLE
server. The problem is that when I try to compile the VB App (16-bit) in
windows 3.1 I get an "Out of Memory" message when vb begins to compile. Has
anyone encountered this problem? I am using Sheridan Design widgets and
Truegrid vbx's. The app makes calls to a watcom DB thorugh ODBC. I have not got
a clue why I'm running out of memory. Windows 3.1 is configured to use EMM386
NOEMS and has 64MB RAM. Any help is appreciated.

Mark Glass

Mark Glass

Thu, 14 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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