Getting an hDC for a IPictureDisp object. 
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 Getting an hDC for a IPictureDisp object.

Is there anyway to directly create an hDC of off an IPictureDisp object?
- also -
Is there anyway, given the hDC to an image to determine the exact
coordinates of the image with in the hDC, disregarding any "dead space" that
might be around the edges.

I have images in an imagelist, and want to copy the images into another hDC,
using StretchBlt, as the images are much larger than the hDC that they are
being selected into.

I I thought of putting them into a picturebox and then copying out of the
picturebox's hDC, however, this then leads to the problem of dead space, as
the image may be smaller than the picture box, and so there would be empty
space to the right and bottom of the picture.

basically what i need to do is get an hDC for a picture, which is excatly
the size of the picture, AND know what the height and width of the hDC are.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Aaron Abdis
American Data Services, Inc.

ICQ#: 24336432

Tue, 11 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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