VB Temp files in project directory 
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 VB Temp files in project directory

In the IDE, VB has from time to time, placed some temporary files in the
project directory. These are named VBxx.TMP, where xx is a 1 or 2 character
HEX number (e.g. vba5.tmp).

This morning, I got an Out Of Memory error trying to run a project I've been
working on for 6 months. Fresh into VB, no other apps running. After playing
with it for over 3 hours, I decided to restore files from Source Safe and
start over from yesterday's stopping point. I went into the project
directory and had OVER 600 of these temp files, all created within about a 1
hour window this morning. I deleted them all, restarted VB and everything
works fine.

Any idea what these are, why they are created, and why VB doesn't clean them
up. Each one is about 33K in size.


Doug Bishop

Sun, 15 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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