VB and C++ Clients declaring the same ActiveX .dll 
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 VB and C++ Clients declaring the same ActiveX .dll

Hi, I am writing a COM ActiveX.dll using VB 5 enterprise. The .dll will
be used by VB clients and C++ clients.  This .dll will have functions in
it to connect to a database and retrieve data.  The data will consists
of name, address, state,
and zipcode, so it can be either a single record or a list of records
with these fields that get returned from the database.  I need to pass
this data along to VB clients and C++ clients.  For VB clients I can
pass them an n-dim array or a collection of objects(collection of
classes).  But what about C++ clients?

How would I pass this data to a C++ client, so they can extract out the
different fields of the data?
What do I need to do when creating this VB .dll in order for it to pass
data correctly to C++ clients?
What datatype or object type do I need return back for C++ clients that
will hold this knid of data?


Mon, 11 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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